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Startup Cities Visualized Side-By-Side

The visualization will show you side-by-side how two startup cities compare across a range of criteria. The most notable comparisons are top startups for each city, the total amount of funding for those startups received and the sectors in which they are active. You as the user can zoom on...

Startup Cities Around the World Visualized

Here is my interactive visualization of data about tech startups from around the world. Ever wondered about the state of the Mobile and Big Data industry? The data is truly global, it contains interesting facts about not only startups from the US and Silicon Valley, but also Sweden, Germany and...

Localization of an Intelligent Assistant for Sweden and Japan

One of my most recent projects was the localization of an intelligent assistant for use at airports in Sweden and Japan. My team did a questionnaire survey, as well as interviews with digital strategy experts. They were asked to evaluate the prototypes that we created. (more…)

Information System for Understanding Bicyclists in the City

A public organization in Sweden needed advice on how to keep track of the cyclists in the cities in southern Sweden and Denmark. After analyzing their existing work processes, we proposed an information system to solve their needs. The goal was to practice the entire mobile application development process with...

Cross-Platform App for the Intelligent Household

In the early days of smartphones, I developed a mobile app for displaying user interfaces in a language that allowed interoperability between mobile platforms. It had to be adaptive to different contexts and cross-platform. (more…)

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