Startup Cities Around the World Visualized

Here is my interactive visualization of data about tech startups from around the world. Ever wondered about the state of the Mobile and Big Data industry?

The data is truly global, it contains interesting facts about not only startups from the US and Silicon Valley, but also Sweden, Germany and pretty much every other country. You can find all the big names with billion dollar IPOs in the recent years by selecting their city of origin.

The data originates from Crunchbase and the beautiful interactive infographic was made possible thanks to Tableau.

Startup Cities Visualized

Startup Cities

In the first visualization in the series I focused on displaying the startup cities on an interactive map to enable anyone to interactively visit the region of his interest and to see what is happening there.

From there I found it interesting to drill the cities down by different sectors. It is common in the startup world for similar companies to create clusters (around a science park, or university for instance). Due to the large amount of sectors available, I decided to look more closely on the Mobile, Internet of Things and Analytics sectors, which are the main topic of this website.

In the third part of the visualization, I am taking a closer look on the individual cities, in order to show the most successful startups for the selected city and their sectors.

Next in Series

I would welcome comments regarding which aspect of startups I should visualize next. I will be permanently updating the charts of startup cities around the world to reflect the state of Mobile, Internet of Things and Analytics.

The third visualization hits on what will come next. In the follow up posts I will focus more on the state of financing and comparisons across cities. This will give a new perspective on which startups receive the most attention and by that I will identify the hottest cities and sectors.

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