Information System for Understanding Bicyclists in the City

A public organization in Sweden needed advice on how to keep track of the cyclists in the cities in southern Sweden and Denmark. After analyzing their existing work processes, we proposed an information system to solve their needs. The goal was to practice the entire mobile application development process with a focus on gathering the mobile app development requirements.


I joined as a technical project manager. My responsibilities were consulting, designing both the app for location tracking and the back office solution, writing up the product plan and presenting the project status to a professional comittee.

Teambuilding exercise

Every mobile app development team should do some teambuilding exercises

Big Data for Infrastructure Planning

The topic belonged to the smart city initiative, which aims to use Big Data to drive decisions about city infrastructure. Cities like Malmö and Copenhagen are betting on making their data available publicly, in order to drive innovation.


It was taken both as a course for credits and traineeship in a company.

  • Final presentation:
  • Web app prototype:
  • Website of the client:
Location tracking app for bicyclists

Location tracking app for bicyclists and its main features

Back-office solution

Summary of the back office solution

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